Fantastisk sæson på sortbjørne i BC i Canada

Sortbjørne i BC i Canada

Vores gode partner i BC i Canada – melder tilbage om en fantastisk sæson med 100 % succesrate for jægerne på sortbjørn. Der er udelukkende nedlagt gamle og store sortbjørne af jægerne – her er hans egne ord for sæson maj 2018:

Hello Henrik,

Hope all is well with you in Denmark!
I just thought I’d send some photos of our spring bear season this year so you could have some up to date photos. It was a great season!

We had 100% opportunity and everyone except one (he missed a bear) took a bear or two. A couple were really some old male giants!

Typically most of the bears we harvested were older males. We leave the females and cubs alone as we want the population to grow and be sustainable. This year on average we were seeing about 5-6 bears a day and usually get a stalk or two in per day so the action was pretty constant.

All in all it was a great season, we saw over 150 black bears between us guides in about 2 weeks and probably about 20 grizzlies so it looks like the bear populations are doing well! Next year should be a good year as well – we look forward to welcome more of your hunters!

I hope all's well, I'll send more pics as the year progresses, to keep you updated!

All the best from


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