Muntjac & CWD feb. 2019

Richard bor i Danmark og skulle til England og besøge noget familie og derved kunne han kombinere turen med 3 dages jagt i England på vores fremragende revir for muntjac og Chinese Water Deer – han havde en god tur og fortæller flg. fra turen:


Had a very good trip. The pub had friendly staff, good food and very nice large rooms. The stalkers were very friendly and easy to get on with. Put in a couple of trial shots before the first stalk. Excellent riffle and sights. The stalker worked hard and knew his trade. They drove us two afternoons to an area close to Woburn where there was a LOT of Chinese water deer. I managed to shoot a gold medal (one of the four or five we saw ) We also stalked close to his home. Shot a muntjac. They proved to be difficult, saw many but didn’t have the last bit of luck needed to shoot another. Definitely recommend this arrangement to other hunters.

Richard Gurnell

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