Muntjac i England

Muntjac i England marts 2024

Richard har tidl. jaget på dette revir i England og ønskede at vende retur efter en god muntjac buk – det lykkedes ham, læs hans egen beretning her:

Hi Henrik
Am sending a short note and a few photos of my trip to England.
Had a good trip over to England again. Was there five years ago and shot a gold medal Chinese and a minder Muntjac. This time l was only interested in shooting Muntjac.
The Muntjac proved to be difficult, we did not see much in the mornings.The first evening they came out too late to be able to see what was what.
The second evening we went to look for a good Muntjac. We waited for a couple of hours and then he came out of the hedge (as predicted). He was 220 meters away, coming towards us down a slope together with a female. They went back into the hedge and disappeared, even though we could see both sides of the hedge with a thermal!!
The third evening we went back to the same place as the first evening. This time they came out earlier. After a while a nice buck came out which l shot. Think the stalker was nearly as happy as myself! We saw another buck further away and went after it. The buck disappeared and we just waited and looked. Several more muntjac came out where we had seen the first ones. Managed to shoot another nice buck. Two bucks within an hour lying 40 meters from each other just before it got dark.
Will have to have another trip. Muntjac are so fascinating.
Regards Rich

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