Gredos Ibex – Spanien

Gredos Ibex – Spanien

Da Ole for lidt over et år siden ringede og sagde han gerne ville lave en speciel bjergjagt sammen med sin hustru (tror det skulle være en fødselsdagsgave) – var vi ikke i tvivl det skulle være hos vores gode partner i Gredos bjergene, hvor man rider ud på jagten til hest og bor i en lille idyllisk bjerghytte med pejs i midten og trofæer på væggene!

Ole og Sarah drog afsted og de har lavet deres egen fine beretning fra turen og fået taget nogle fantastiske billeder – nyd det her:

Each hour and day in your company was full of moments that we for sure will remember...

Sarah og Ole

Dear Oskar and Henrik

Hereby a follow-up on our trip to the Gredos Mountains and Ibex hunting
We have attached, what we consider to be the 10 best of our pictures catching moments or atmosphere. You are welcome to use these as you prefer
When reading this you shall bear in mind, that a trip like this is a rather large prioritization with a wish to take my wife on an adventure, which for a moment brings us out of the everyday life, closer to something very different which allows us to enjoy every hour in our own company or in company with the people around us, whether that is guides, horse keeper, chauffeur or the persons preparing our meals

Dear Oskar, Henrik/Gamekeeper and all other involved at the Gredos Mountains – you really succeeded

It was in all aspects a great, great experience for us, and we would like to say “thank you” to each of you including the chauffeur, the staff around the accommodation and kitchen, the owners nephew, Pepe and Alphonso for making this a great experience. And Oscar please share our gratitude with all involved

Each hour and day in your company was full of moments that we for sure will remember, whether that was

-          Arriving through the forest to the beautiful solid stone accommodation in the middle of the lower mountains close to the roaring river

-          Sitting in front of the fireplace with lovely ham, cheese and local “vino”

-          All the stories told and shared

-          The fear or deep concentration in my wife’s eyes when riding the first hour in the mountains

-          The changing nature and weather in the mountains and of cause the curious vultures or Ibex it self

-          Our hunting together and the way we all shared those moments

-          ….. and again the ham, cheese, bread and vino, but now served close to the fireplace in the mountains

-          The incredible well trained horses

-          The trees around the house with Pomegranate, figs and tangerines (and sorry we stole one of each and shared on our walk in the forest)

-          Etc. etc. etc.

You took care of us, with smiles, personal surplus, friendliness and reassuring professionalism in all aspects – Thanks

The only complaint that we possibly can find, is that we only had one outage in the mountains – but that will now be my excuse for getting back  :)

So thanks to all of you from Sarah and Ole

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