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Verden udenfor Danmark....
Vi har spurgt vores partnere rundt om i verden, hvordan de er berørt af Corona situationen.
Rejsebranchen i Danmark er naturligvis hårdt ramt, men vores partnere er naturligvis lige så hårdt ramt. De er afhængige af at få jagtgæster fra os, der kan bidrage til deres vildtpleje og deres forretning og levebrød.
Vi er jævnligt i kontakt med alle vores fantastiske partnere og taler ofte med dem om, hvordan Corona virussen har direkte effekt på deres forretning. I lyset af dette, er der kommet mange gode og informative tilbagemeldinger fra dem og disse vil vi meget gerne dele med jer.
Vi har blandt andet stillet vores partnere følgende spørgsmål:
How has the Corona Virus affected the hunting in your area this spring ?
How will you handle the situation and how does the future look ?

Se de mange svar vi har fået nedenfor:


Corona situationen udenfor Danmark....

Bulgarien – Konstantin:

"It affected our job really bad. All capercaillie and roe buck hunts with foreign hunters (90% of all hunts) are canceled and postponed for 2021.
The positive part is, we could picture cocks “singing” in the sunshine late in the morning, which is rare in the normal hunting season. Also the red deer population is feeling very comfortable. It gives me confidence that the cull hunts will be very successful in the fall season. Few days ago a Bulgarian hunter bagged the new roe buck best trophy for Bulgaria with approx. 810 grams and 230 CIC points.
I’m in permanent contact with all game managers. Even in this hard times they are doing all fields for the game, preparing the high seats and so on…
We are 100% ready!
See some pictures here..."  

Tyrkiet – Gökhan:

"I hope you, your family, everyone around you is fine.
The world is going through hard times. Of course, this process affected us both financially and morally. But we know that together we will overcome this bad situation.
Covid19 number of patients in Turkey is decreasing with each passing day. Turkey slowly returning to normal life. Our hunting areas are far from human crowds and they are safe areas for hunting organisations. We haven't been able to hunt for a few months, and this has  increased especially wild boar population.It is a good news - we will hunt more successfully.
We wish and hope to be able to hunt with your groups in August as planned. I hope international flights are opened as soon as possible. We will keep in touch for our hunting plan. We look forward to hunting together

See some pictures here..."  

Ungarn – Tamás:
The good news: Slovenia (one of our Southern neighbours) opened their borders to the EU citizens for free travelling, so I personally think Hungary will follow this example within weeks. At Gyulaj we will open our hunting lodges for the customers next week, so also a good news that things are slowly but getting back to normal. Also good news that the COVID19 virus didn’t effect our game populations, which means we still have a lot to hunt for.  Especially that last winter was very mild and warm, so the numbers of the new piglets are quite promising! No new ASF cases int he nearby areas and in Hungary, so now it seems the ASF- is also slowing down. Of course it can change very quickly but we are optimistic right now and we plan to have all the previously planned winter driven hunts. The spring is a bit dry with no big ammount of rain, but the antler growing seems nice on the stags and fallow bucks. I’m very sure that because of the economic pressure the borders will be opened for EU-citizens so it think by beginning of summer the travelling into Hungary will be no challenging and safe in the same time. Especially that last few days/weeks 4 big Hungarian medical universities started a huge, 15.000 sample COVID test-programme. Today they made the ~9.000th test and they found only 2 (two) COVID- infected persons. It means to travel to Hungary is 100% safe. We are very looking forward to see and hunt again with all your Danish, Swedish and Norwegian hunters this summer and fall.
See some pictures here..."  

Hviderusland - Jaroslaw:
"The hunting tourism has been developing in Belarus during the last years pretty fast. Thousands of foreign hunters visit our hunting areas annually. But not this spring. Because of movement restrictions due to Corona Virus the European hunters could not come for capercaillie and black grouse hunting. We had to cancel all the hunting trips. For the roe buck hunt which starts on the 15. Mai we expect unfortunately the same. It may sound upsetting. But on the other hand the bucks will be left for the next season. They become older and their trophy become better. It means in one year we can impress our guests with better trophy bucks. Maybe we lose some money because of failed trips but we don’t lose our hope for better future. We understand the Corona won’t disappear very fast and now it’s time when we should get used to live in new circumstances. And so we’ll do it.
See some pictures here..."  

Spanien – Oscar:
"Of course the Covid is affecting us, we have had cancellations especially in the American market.
But life in our hunting area continues and we are preparing the next season that as you know begins in September. Fortunately, none of us and our direct family members are affected by Covid and that is great news. As a preventive measure in July, the entire team of Gargantas  de Gredos will do a test and before the season starts we will do another one and we will inform all our collaborators with the result.
But you should know that the owners of the farm have sufficient financial support to be able to bear the expenses of a hunting area of 9,000 hectares and to be able to support the eight families that live from it. I will send you photos of the hunting area in May, and you should know that we live with optimism the new opening of hunting in Spain that according to all the news will open again at the end of June beginning of July. Communicate  to all your team our most sincere disposition to continue with our way of life which is hunting. *** And now more than ever if you can you should come in September to hunt for deer or in November to the Ibex hunting ,  with some hunter of course you are invited.
See some pictures here..."  

Skotland – Peter:
"Right now here in mid May, Scotland are still in lockdown until 31st May and all roebuck hunting, salmon and seatrout fishing etc. are closed. Numbers of effected and dead people are moving in right direction. Hopefully in near future it all will start to easing up again, so we can get back to normal standards. We lost our roebuck stalking this spring, but we are ready for your clients for the stags in Sept. Hope you are all fine in DK.
See some pictures here..."  

Frankrig – Pierre Jean:
"Stalking opens 1st of June in France. The stalking season will go ahead but until further information, we still have some restrictions. In France we are not allowed to travel more than 100 km from our home, except for work. So recreational stalking is possible only for locals. We’ve been told that this will change in June and it will be more flexible so people can travel freely in France and most borders should be reopen, without quarantine (expect for Spain so far). Finger cross for the pick of the stalking season (mid July mid August) rules will be easy for hunters. Hopefully we can host a few foreign clients this summer, maybe some driving or flying if it is possible. Anyways, we have a lot of interest from French hunters as well. I’ll keep you informed as soon as I know more. Even us in France are getting new information by the day which makes longer term planning more difficult. I don’t think i twill be about quantity this season (it’s never is with me anyway) but we’ll focus on the quality of the hunt and the trophies."  

Rumænien – Emil:
"I haven't been out at all in the last period, but I was in contact with the gamekeepers. We have the best bucks of all time at the moment. Starting with today we have less restrictions so I will go out for taking photos soon. I really hope we will have some roe bucks hunters soon, so we can get started on the cull plan. Wildlife is doing great in Romania, but the greens are pressing the government to reduce numbers of licences for all species and to ban some hunts. For the rest all is great here with everybody. How are you and how is the situation in DK? Hope you are also doing well.

See some pictures here..."

England – Chris:
"We are fine Thank you. Luckily having the farm we have plenty to crack on with.
Over 33 thousand deaths that have been owned up to which is not good. I dred to think how many more will get added to that figure. The lock down has only just been lifted and its only from yesterday you can really go out and do stuff. To do shooting as pest control you can only do it with someone in your household or only 1 person from outside your house hold. Still maintaining social distance of 2 m. In most cases its wise to get a letter from the land owner in case you get stopped by police. Everything you do has to be essential. We wouldn't normally do lots of roe bookings anyway so we in person are not too badly affected yet. On a good note there are lots of pigeons about and the farmers have got stuff planted now the ground has dried. There are lots of animals about due to lack of traffic and people but on that side we are also getting a lot of walkers etc who go where they aren't sposed to.
At the moment we are just waiting but if countries bring in this quarantine period we are not so sure things will happen. Hotels may be open from June 1st as a start up. However people here who work for companies are on furlough (means they get paid by government) have been told this may go on until October ,and us self employed will get a grant. We are trying to be optimistic that we may be able to do something from July,  August or Sept but its really hard to tell which way it will go. Lots of idiots in London on the tube. We may get a 2nd outbreak. We have nowhere to sell game at the moment as dealers are closed. Any other question give us a shout. I still check the computer on a daily basis.

See some pictures here..."

Rusland  – Artem:
"It seems the numbers are going down slowly, we in Moscow are still lockdowned until 31 May,only factories and works restarted working
In other parts of Russia where we are organizing hunts  (Caucasus,Siberia,Kamchatka,Kurgan etc) the numbers are very low.
We hope the early June the life starts going back to normal and we very much hope that the borders will be open again so that we can organize the hunts starting from 01 Aug 
Due to the fact that Russian borders were closed in April, we had to shift all Spring hunts 2020 to 2021
Hope you are safe and healthy in DK.

See some pictures here..."

Estland – Hannes:
"March, April & May are quiet months always. Hunting season in Estonia will start with Roe Bucks from 1 Jun. Some losses I had with hunting shows in Madrid and in Paris. Because they did not refund payments for booths - but what we can do. Now the situation is better - the islands are open, the Latvian border is open, and soon (I hope) they will open the border with Finland. So we just have to hope that all the borders between EU countries will also be opened up and that customers' interest in travel will still be there. It is important to me that this happens before August.
I have some bookings from you - Bear in August, some hunters for Bird hunting and some for Moose, hope and sure they will go as planned. Roe Buck population is really good now in Estonia. Maybe we can do some groups together?

See some pictures here..."

Canada – Kiff:
"I’m out in camp now and fixing the new camp, it will get really good and ideal for clients – hope you like the photo attached. We are starting to open up here now slowly. Hunting is allowed but of course the border isn’t open yet. I think we are down to about 300 active Covid19 cases here now.
There will be many bankruptcies in all industries....anyone with too much debt is in trouble. My current concern is the US situation.....they are doing such a poor job I don’t know they ´l be allowed in for the fall season.
See some pictures here..."

Argentina – Carlos:
"In Argentina we are doing relatively fine; not too many cases and especially, few deaths. As cold weather sets in and the lock down is eased we'll probably have more cases but it all should play within a controlled scenario. In La Pampa Province there have only been 5 cases and the initial aggressive lockdown and the fact that it’s mostly a rural province with no big cities has helped keep the province almost virus free. Our staff are all safe and working normally.
The economy has been hurt pretty badly and for us it's been quite tough with hunting income dropping so strongly this spring. We were only able to hunt two weeks and had to reschedule more than 60 hunters to 2021 and 2022. Fortunately this mess caught us with a strong financial position and our cattle business which is quite big has helped keep the boat afloat. We will be able to weather the corona crisis and hopefully things will slowly return to normal by next year.
At this point we are busy working on the maintenance program for the lodge and ranch. We are also using the free time to shoot cull deer and cut down a bit the population of females which has been growing quite rapidly.
Attached you fill find some pictures from April and May.
I trust you all are fine in Denmark. From what I’ve read on the news it’s not been that bad.
Please send my regards to all the team.

See some pictures here..."

Namibia – Heiko:
"We are doing fine here on Kataneno and are concentrating on our cattle business, which will pull us through this year.  In the meantime the good thing about no hunters, is that renovations are running very well and all those tiny faults get fixed once again. Namibia is blessed with only 16 cases of Covid and 0 deaths.   Thanks to our government, they acted very swiftly, even already in January of this year.  The tourist centres and two main cities, dependant on tourism were under lockdown, while the rest of the country had lesser restrictions. Now in Mid-May we had no new infections for nearly six weeks.  Our wildlife is just doing fine at the moment and the reproduction was very good in this wonderful year of lots of rain.  The longer resting period for the game is doing them well and they are even getting tame.  There are game farms that might harvest wild animals for cash flow problems or reduce the numbers to keep numbers stable.  But Kataneno and its concessions are not influenced by this.  We have lots of grazing, the neighbours and partners have lots of grazing and we are more than happy to halt hunting until international air traffic comes again to normality.  After the relaxation of the Covid measures, the too-good-to-be-true special offers will abound.  Some outfitters will need desperate measures and income.  It would be a necessity to receive some additional income from each hunter through hidden costs and empty promises.  These will surely escalate.  Each business has its fixed costs and if there are offers that lure guests to under the breadline deals, surely something will go wrong.  Surely and unfortunately there will be some disappointments for some hunters going to the most cheapest outfit that is trying to maximize turnover with many hunters. It is thus imperative that hunters read the fine print of the many small adverts and rather rely on long standing local partners, to be at ease when the hunting trip starts. While Covid regulations are still gradually easing up and Namibia is awaiting a good time to open up air-traffic again, we in the meantime tend to look after our wildlife and are having a great time with our wildlife and enjoy their company . 
See some pictures here..."

Polen – vores partner i Ziolona Gora:
"As majority of people in the world we have been in a lockdown for weeks. For us, people involved in the hunting business, May spent at home feels strange – I have not encountered such a situation for 40 years, that is since I became involved in the hunting business arranging hunting events for foreign hunters in Poland. However, we should think positive. We all hope that we will be able to return to some kind of normal life in the nearest future and that we will be able to travel freely, at least within Europe. After a short period when we were not allowed to enter forests, now we can hunt in Poland. Last weekend Polish hunters started the roebuck season. I have received reports that the trophies this year seem to be stronger than in previous years. We hardly had any winter this year what has positively affected the condition of roebucks. On the other hand, hunting is difficult: the temperatures are rather low for May, including ground frost for few nights, so game do not move much, therefore perhaps we should not so much regret missing the May season…  A number of clubs have suspended hunts and they are waiting to host foreign hunters in the rut time. By that time we should learn a new functioning mode of the infrastructure (hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, private quarters resume their activities from the coming Monday in the new sanitary regime) with the imposed restrictions. Therefore we look forward to receiving foreign hunters from you soon and at least towards the end of July/beginning of August."

Polen –  vores partner i Pila området:
"Die Situation der Reviere steht auch unter großem Fragezeichen. Da die Grenzen geschlossen sind, hat es viele Folgen auf die Situation der Reviere. Erstens, es kommen keine Jäger vom Ausland auf die Bockjagd, und bis jetzt die Hälfte des Abschussplanes von Rehböcken wurde in vielen Jagdgenossenschaften von ausländischen Jägern erfüllt. Zweitens, da die Restaurants in Frankreich, Deutschland, Belgien geschlossen sind, wird polnisches Wildbrett nicht exportiert. Der Preis für das Fleisch beleibt bei der Hälfte im Vergleich zu der letzten Saison. Das hat auch viele  Jagdgenossenschaften dazu motiviert, den Abschussplan von Rehboecken bis zu der Grenzöffnung auszusetzen. Seit einer Woche lauft die Saison auf Boecke, viele Jäger konnten es kaum abwarten, und in der Mehrheit meiner Reviere wurde bis jetzt noch kein Bock geschossen! Wenn es so weiter lauft, werden die ausländischen Jäger die ersten, die Bockjagdsaison in Polen starten. Außerdem machen die Reviere ihren Job weiter, beschränken die Schaden auf den Feldern, schätzen die Schaden, wenn sie schon entstehen und machen weiter ihre Jagdwirtschaft. Wir warten ungeduldig auf die weiteren Entscheidungen unserer Regierung, dass COVID-19 beherrscht wurde, und jetzt kann das ganze Leben frei fortgesetzt werden.
Liebe Grüsse aus Pila

Polen – vores partner i det centrale Polen:
"Die polnische Jägern von den Revieren warten immer noch auf den Jägern von Ausland. Wir alle warten bis dieser Zeit wenn die Grenze schon geöffnet werden.
Die polnische Jägern möchten gerne wieder auf Jagd mit den ausländischen Jäger gehen…
Alle Reviere warten auf die Information, dass die Grenze schon geöffnet sind.

Polen – vores partner i det vestlige Polen:
"The roe buck hunt will take place in the rut time this year. You can make the booking already now and experience a great hunt in August. We expect very strong trophies. We check our hunting grounds and we hope for the amazing results!
Darz bór"

See some pictures from Poland here..."



Altid dejligt at høre fra nogle af vores mange forskellige partnere, at de på trods af situationen stadig er ved godt mod og at de er positive for fremtiden.

Selvom det hele kan se meget sort og uoverskueligt ud lige nu, så håber vi dog, at når vi er på den anden side af denne Corona situation, så er rejselysten, gejsten, økonomien og eventyrlysten stadig til stede hos vores kunder, partnere og ikke mindst hos os selv, så vi igen kan udøve vores passion og rejse til spændende jagtområder rundt om i verden. 

Pas på jer selv og hinanden...
Med venlig hilsen
Team Gamekeeper & Buhls Jagtrejser

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